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Cardano - Haskell Developer Course

Master the art of developing Web3 applications on the Cardano blockchain using Haskell and embark on your journey to becoming a blockchain developer.

Cardano Developer Associate Course

From Haskell to Plutus:

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About the Cardano - Haskell Developer Course

The Cardano - Haskell Developer Course offers an ideal learning module for Cardano blockchain enthusiasts to get a comprehensive introduction and understanding into building Web3 products and services in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem.

Through this course, learners gain full insights into Cardano's technology, including smart contract development, different blockchain architecture and design principles, Haskell, and more, through a curated free course program that includes live interaction with professional experts in 7 weeks.

Why enroll in this course?

Blockchain is a fast emerging technology and McKinsey has named Web3 as one of the top business trends in 2023 and beyond. As Web3 leverages blockchain technology, this course will give you a complete introduction into one of the largest blockchain ecosystems in the industry.

Learners will get personalized access to a curated Cardano blockchain education curriculum taught by education experts with blockchain industry experience, including a personalized gateway to MyEMURGO - an all-access online platform for live instructional sessions, recorded sessions, learner assessments, and a wide range of other offerings. This course is your gateway to start building Web3 products & services on the Cardano blockchain.

Available Schedule


Upcoming Batch: January 2024


Upcoming Batch: January 2024

Upcoming Batch: January 2024

Course Overview

Blockchain Architecture & Design
  • What is blockchain?
  • Cryptography
  • Bitcoin, PoW, UTXOs, etc.
  • Cryptocurrency properties
  • Consensus algorithms – classical vs. modern
  • Basic & programmable blockchains
  • Tokens – concepts, uses, economics 
  • DAOs and oracles
  • Blockchain scalability solutions
  • Use cases
Cardano Blockchain Overview
  • Introduction to Cardano
  • Importance of Cardano
  • Introduction to Cardano algorithms
  • Concepts related to Cardano
  • Introduction to Cardano Wallets
  • Expressions & Types
  • Lists, Scope & Patterns
  • Recursion
  • Higher-Order Functions
  • IO
  • Variants, Records & Typeclasses
  • Functors & Applicatives
  • Monads & Transformers
  • Project Walkthrough

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